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The Practitioners' Toolkit is an application that allows users to research and access up-to-date Taxation of Supreme Court Bills of Costs.

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Published Citation Title Category
24 Jul 2014 [2014] SGMC 6 Public Prosecutor v Gan Cai Shen Judgments
24 Jul 2014 [2014] SGDC 147 TBS v TBT Judgments
24 Jul 2014 [2013] SGIAC 453 Singapore Power Ltd and Union of Power and Gas Employees
Employment Law
24 Jul 2014 [2014] SGDC 258 Ram Das VNP v SIA Engineering Company Ltd Judgments
24 Jul 2014 [2014] SGDC 144 TBQ v TBR Judgments
Reference Material
Published Citation Title Category
24 Jul 2014 [2014] 24 Jul_ST The creeping invasion of Big Data Legal News Archive
24 Jul 2014 [2014] 24 Jul_ST Proposal to tweak gender bias in Women's Charter Legal News Archive
24 Jul 2014 SLW Commentaries, Singapore Law Watch, Jul 2014 (1) Inherent jurisdiction and inherent power: Muhammad Ridzuan bin Md Ali v PP [2014] SGCA 32 Legal Updates
24 Jul 2014 Law News, Rajah & Tann LLP, Jul 2014 (8) SCA: How effective is a postnuptial separation agreement? Legal Updates
24 Jul 2014 [2014] 24 Jul_BT A battle to find common ground: Accounting standards Legal News Archive

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    LawNet is a one-stop practice portal providing a complete suite of information and transactional solutions for the Singapore and global legal community. A service provided by the Singapore Academy of Law, LawNet comprises several modules for supporting legal research (called the Legal Workbench), due diligence, litigation and conveyancing. It is the authoritative source of legal information, with data directly provided by primary and secondary sources of law in Singapore and around the Commonwealth.


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