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    ASEAN Law Association The official website of the ASEAN Law Association (ALA), an NGO which brings together the different branches of the law profession (judges, law teachers, law practitioners and government lawyers) and which seeks to promote a common ASEAN focus on key issues and policies. Publications include conference papers presented at General Assemblies, and the authoritative Legal Systems in ASEAN. The website also contains a resource section on the interaction of WTO issues and ASEAN.

    Legal Systems in ASEAN An up-to-date, authoritative and concise, yet comprehensive, reference on the legal systems of ASEAN member nations, published by the ASEAN Law Association. Currently covers 7 ASEAN member nations.

    ASEAN IP Legislation's, Filling Procedures and Statistics A link to the European Commission - ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights Co-operation Program (ECAPII) page for ASEAN Intellectual Property Legislation's, Filing Procedure and Statistics.
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