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What is LawNet

LawNet is a service provided by the Singapore Academy of Law. It is a subscription portal that caters to the research and legal information needs of the global legal community. Since its inception in 1988 as a dial up network access provider, www.lawnet.com.sg has grown in leaps and bounds, adding information, applications and databases to suit the evolving needs of legal practitioners, corporate counsel, paralegals, law academics and law students.

LawNet is the authoritative focal point of legal information, combined with user-oriented functionality and data directly provided by The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England & Wales under licence from Eastern Book Company, AustLII, HKLII, Attorney-General's Chambers of Singapore, and the Singapore Judiciary, the Supreme Court and State Courts of Singapore. Subscription information for each of the modules can be found below.

Currently, the modules under LawNet are as follows:

Prices for each of the modules are listed below:

  • Legal Workbench (found within the Legal Research Module)

    Important Note: The current Legal Workbench will be replaced by the Legal Research module of the New LawNet, launching on 1 June 2015. We will not be accepting new subscriptions for the current Legal Workbench and Practitioners' Toolkit from 1 May 2015 onwards. To subscribe to the New LawNet, click here to download the relevant application form. For enquiries, please call +65 6778 2688 or email customerservice@newlawnet.com.sg.
    Subscription for users
    • Monthly subscriptions provide unlimited access to the databases under the Legal Workbench. Users can browse, search and print the databases currently available under the Legal Workbench.
    • The sharing of IDs and passwords is not allowed and would constitute a breach of the terms and conditions of the subscription service.
    • Singapore law firms (excluding offshore law firms) can subscribe based on the preferential rate. Subscriptions for local law firms are based on the number of lawyers within that firm and firms cannot subscribe for a lesser number. The standard rate is applicable to offshore law firms, and any corporate entities with or without a legal department (with presence in Singapore).
    • The subscription fee does not include content from AustLII and HKLII which is provided free to the public.

    Click here for more information.
    For enquiries, please call us at +65 6887 7888 or email sales@crimsonlogic.com

    To subscribe, Click here to download the service application form.
    Subscription for Brunei users (Fees in SGD)
    Click here for more information.
    Subscription for Foreign law firms/libraries/corporate entities outside Singapore and Malaysia
    • SGD 273 per month
    • SGD 1430 for 6 months
    • SGD 2730 for 12 months

    To subscribe, please email sales@crimsonlogic.com
    Subscription for JustCite
    JustCite in LawNet is a premium service and is being offered free to LawNet subscribers for a limited period.
    For non-subscribers
    Non-subscribers who wish to access the databases provided can purchase hourly blocks of access time with payment by credit card (VISA / MASTERCARD).
    Charges for time-based access is S$49 for the first hour and S$11 for every subsequent hour purchased (prices are inclusive of Singapore GST).
  • PTK

    PTK subscription is open to LawNet subscribers.

    Click PTK for pricing.

  • InteReq
    New Subscriber:
    One time registration fee - $32.10
    Subscription fees - $9.63 per ID per month

    Click here for more info.

    To subscribe, Click here to download the service application form.

    One time registration fees - $53.50
    Account Subscription - $32.10 per account id per month
    User Subscription - $21.40 per user id per month

    The following shows the search charges for PSS-INLIS info :
    Click here for more info.

    To subscribe, Click here to download the service application form.

  • eLitigation

    For law firms, subscription to eLitigation includes subscription to the Cause Book Search (CBS) service. Subscription is on a tiered basis, depending on the number of lawyers in the firm. Access for filing clerks and administrators in subscribed firms is available at no additional charge. Non-law firms can subscribe to the Cause Book Search service in eLitigation, at a fee based on the number of corporate users using CBS in the organisation.

    Subscription Fee
    No of lawyers/corporate users
    Per Month
    1 $25
    2-5 $35
    6-9 $70
    10-19 $140
    20-49 $250
    50-99 $500
    100-199 $1,000
    >200 $2,000

    To subscribe, click here Or contact elitigation@crimsonlogic.com

    A phased introduction fee for eLitigation and reduced subscription fee for EFS will be charged during the phased roll out of eLitigation (January 2013 to December 2013). For more information, click here